About the Breed

Chow Chow is medium-sized, strong, and above all very harmonious. A real lion appearance, proud, beautiful posture, tail heavily feathered and well held over the back. Its specialty is a modern tongue, which is a breed characteristic.


They are represented in five colors:
red, black, blue, cream and cinnamon.

He is calm, independent, alert and a very good therapy dog.

His character is something special, and in that he is truly unique. He is a great individualist who knows exactly what he wants. A very intelligent dog who thinks with his head and does not bark unnecessarily. He can be reserved towards strangers and at the same time loyal to his family members.

He needs daily short walks.
Food should not contain too much protein.

The ancestors of the Chow are attributed to China, where it was used as a guard dog, as well as a hunting dog. The Chow was known in China as early as 2000 years ago and is related to the Nordic-type Spitz, with some Mastiff in them. Due to China's "closed door" policy towards foreign countries, Chows began to appear in other countries only around 1800. It appeared in England sometime at the end of the 18th century, but was seen more widely in Great Britain after 1920, mainly with the display of many dogs at Crufts in 1925. Sigumund Freud, the famous Austrian neurologist and psychologist, had quite a few chows that successfully helped him in his therapies